Edinburgh Napier University Whisky Society


Join one of Napier’s most friendly, active, and welcoming societies, and come “learn” about Scotland’s finest  "Uisge Beatha", the water of life. You don’t need to know anything about whisky – or even have tried it. We welcome everyone, and hope that after a semester, a year, or many years with us, you’ll have made friends, had fun, and maybe even learned something.

We meet every other week, with tastings ranging from themed nights to nights where we just shrug and grab whatever looks good at the local whisky shop. Either way, they’re great fun, and an affordable way to taste more whiskies than you ever could alone.

We also have numerous trips across the year, ranging from day trips to local distilleries and the surrounding country, to weekend trips to the Highlands and our now sacred yearly pilgrimage to Islay. These trips are so popular that we’ve even had people fly back to Scotland just to join us on them, so they’re most definitely as unforgettable as they are unmissable.

So join us for not just an education in whisky, but the Napier Whisky Society experience!